viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2009

Siempre útil (always useful)

Otro día en el que encuentro una foto y lo único que tengo a mano es mi movil... siempre útil

Nokia N-81 2Mpx la peor cámara en color pero con un B/W interesante...

4 comentarios:

  1. is this a view from where you live as well? you seem to have great views from your apartment. great city from what i've seen. especially from the previous photos. mine would be a lump of polluted smog if i take photos of my surroundings.
    well documented of a busy port. Thanks for sharing, dude.

  2. I hope someday I´ll have an apartment in the place I´ve picked the photo... but I think it will be difficult and very very expensive.
    This is the "touristic" port of my city, La Coruña (Coruna perhaps in your keyboard). It is in the north-west of Spain, not very big, about 250.000 souls here. What makes it peculiar is that it is a peninsula. On one side is the port, on the other side is the beach (the photos of rocks). On the tip of the peninsula is the lighthouse of the other photos (and been there since the Roman Empire).Always a little wind blowing, the storms come here first by Spain and it rains a lot but not too cold ... Finally, we can not complain, I like it. This is my city but I didnt born here... that´s it that´s all.

  3. Me gusta, no se necesitan grandes instrumentos... sino esencia.