martes, 17 de noviembre de 2009

Apunte, dispare y repita otra vez (point, shoot and repeat again)

A razón de unas 200 fotos al día, lo dificil es seleccionar una que poner... me queda un largo camino que recorrer

... y un pequeño retoque de contraste y brillo


3 comentarios:

  1. Interesantes fotografias...
    Gracias or visitar mi blog.
    Nos vemos, un saludo.

  2. i bet you're well pleased with the investment you did on your new canon. the results are stunning! out of the top two, my preference is definitely the bw one. much more dynamic. i also love your silhouette. though looking at your setting, i would use a tripot & try to bring down the iso to 200-400 & keep the aperture to f8 for minimum for clarity & let the camera took control over the shutter speed.
    having said all that, you did well. it's a cracking shot! well done.

  3. Ninth, this photo is from my balcony and everyday at at dawn and dusk and I have the oportunity to try with different camera setting with variable natural lights) I´ll try as you said: tripot+ f8_iso200-400_speed photometer recomends...
    It´s incredible to have a teacher like you ... your tips are always welcome